Air rifles are known to be used for hunting and serious competition during on-season, but there are also fun ways to use air rifles which is something that people do when they’re not really into serious game hunting or contests. Even if they are also weapons and for killing animals, people have found a way to have fun with them.

Here are the 3 fun ways to use air rifles

Shooting range

airarms_prosportAlmost anything can become a target for an air rifle. You can go to a shooting range and practice. It is actually good if you are part of an air rifle club because you can join other sin their hunting expedition or share your experiences with them. Shooting ranges also have air gun clubs and you can use the place for practicing with other people in the club.

Backyard shooting

If you have a backyard that has enough space for target shooting, you can try placing cans on a platform and shoot them one by one. Your kids can also join you in this activity provided that you are guiding them well. If you want to practice your targeting skills for a competition, you can put a golf tee in the ground and place a small round ball on top of it and try to hit the ball only without making the tee move. Even a small fruit found in your backyard can become a target. Find one that is hanging from a tree and try to shoot it. You can check some of the best air rifles and reviews at

Moving targets

CO2-air-rifleIf you are having a windy day, you can hang a small object on a branch that is moving and try to shoot it while it is in motion. You will be able to practice your skills in shooting moving targets and at the same time have fun. Go to a field and toss a large coin into the air and try to shoot it. This can be very hard, but if you master it, you’ll be able to shoot any moving target especially if it is larger than a coin. Birds can also be shot from the air when you see one pass by while you are out in the big field

Owning a good air rifle can be a lot of fun because you will have a new hobby and your hunting skills will improve. People are having a lot of fun with air rifles and even if you are new to owning one, it is very easy to have fun with it. Your own backyard can be a fun place to use air rifles, but you must do it with caution and it would be much better if you have a very large space for it. If you are going to need to shoot more than 30 yards away, look for an open field where you will no risk of hitting anyone unless you live in a very big mansion and you have all the space you need.

They’re not just for hunting, you can have fun with them too.