Everyone needs safety and protection. Even when you are a common man and not an actor, singer, or politician, still protection is everyone’s right.

Rifles are famous for their strong and lightweight design. However, rifles are mostly used for target shooting and are recommendable for home defense. If you feel insecure then you probably need rifles. But choosing good rifles is a difficult task.

Not everyone is skilled in selecting rifles and thus face difficulties while buying one. If you also think that you are not a trained rifle selector and buyer, then this article would be quite helpful for you as I am going to discuss everything about rifles, rifle scopes and from where you can get good quality rifles.


ar-15AR – 15 is a popular descendent of AR rifle series. AR – 15 is notably famous for its lightweight cartridge and it was built in 1959 by ArmaLite for the armed United States forces. Later on, the design was sold to Colt Manufacturing Co.

It was previously developed in numerous versions like semi-automatic and select fire but only semi-automatic version begin to produce after the trademark has been sold to Colt for civilians as AR – 15. So the term “AR – 15” was only used for semi-automatic versions since then.

Most other manufacturers also make AR – 15 rifles but are usually termed as “AR – 15 types” or “AR – 15 styles” but the AR – 15 is a registered trademark of Colt and only rifles made by Colt are considered as legal AR – 15 rifles.

AR – 15 rifles is the most popular among all the rifles available for civilians and top sold in the United States today (the most selling rifle scopes are updated on bestriflescopereviews.org).

AR – 15 rifles is a semi-automatic rifle and can fire between 40 to 60 rounds per minute but AR does not stand for automatic or assault rifle.


  • AR – 15 is lightweight and extremely modular.
  • There are a lot of spare parts and replacement modules available for AR – 15.
  • Highly accurate and good ergonomics.
  • AR – 15 is highly sensitive to ammunition.
  • Its maintenance requirements are also high.


best-ar-15-scopesAR – 15 scopes are also in great demand because of the exceptional functionality and importance of AR – 15 assault weapon. AR – 15 rifles and AR – 15 rifle scopes were manufactured by Colt for civilians in 1963 and called it as “AR – 15 Sporter rifles”.

There are a lot of AR – 15 scopes distributers and sellers available online in the market providing different and uniquely designed AR – 15 scopes for AR – 15 rifles depending on the user demands and needs.


Among many of the AR – 15 scopes, I am going to list the top 5 best AR – scopes available in the market.

  • Nikon P-223 4-12×40 BDC 600
  • UTG 30mm SWAT
  • Nikon P-223 3-9×40 Mate BDC 600
  • Nikon P-223 3×32 Matte BDC Carbine
  • Bunshell AR optics

And many other are also available but I am not going in detail. That’s all I think you should need to know about AR – 15 rifles and rifle scopes. You can check more reviews of best AR-15 Scopes here.