There are considered as the best crossbows in the market and when you are looking for something that will work best during serous hunting, you definitely need to get one of the best ones. Cross bow hunting requires skill and a lot of practice, but the experience will be a whole lot different if you have a good crossbow.

A Look At The Best Crossbows

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package    

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

This Barnett crossbow includes quick-detach quiver, premium red dot sights, and bolts. The cable and string system is synthetic with a sleek military style stock. The trigger pull is 3.5 lbs. and the draw weight is 150 lbs. With an fps of 315, it is hard to miss a target.

The price of this is $399.99 and has a weight of 7 lbs. making it convenient to carry for any hunter. The power stroke is 12 inches and the arrow’s length is 20. The length of this crossbow is 35.5 inches and the width is 26.5 inches.

This product is very good for deer hunting and it is very accurate. The customers love using this crossbow because it is light weight, accurate, and it’s not extremely pricey. This crossbow is regarded by many as the best crossbow available today according to crossbow reviews online.


Excalibur Axiom SMF Crossbow Kit

Excalibur Axiom SMF Crossbow KitThis crossbow has a 305 fps speed and the weight is only 5.2 lbs. it is very accurate and it is very reliable. Ideal for killing large game because it is high powered. The draw weight for this one is 175 lbs. and has a power stroke of 14.5 inches which is very comfortable for cocking and your shoulders will not hurt because of its light weight. When you buy this product, it already comes with matching multiplex crossbow scope and hardware for mounting. It also has a rope cocking aid and 4 arrows including field points.

The price for this one is $549.99. The length is 37.5 inches and the arrow length is 20 inches.

This product is also perfect for hunting hogs and other big game. Customers find it easier to carry around because it is light weight. However, the fps is slightly lower than the first one. You can read more reviews at

TenPoint C13004-7411 Vapor Crossbow

TenPoint C13004-7411 Vapor CrossbowThe focus of this crossbow is on maneuverability, less weight, and speed. The draw weight is 165 lbs. It is a RangeMaster Pro Scope mounted crossbow with ACUdraw cocking mechanism. The fps is 315 which is very fast and you will not lose your target. The energy is 95 foot pounds and a power stroke of 12 inches. The arrow length is 20 inches and has a 3.5 lbs. trigger pull. It has a synthetic cable system and quad limbs.

The price for this one is $1,410.00. The length is 36.4 inches, the width is 12.2 inches, and the height is 14 inches. The weight is 20.4 pounds.

Even if the price for this crossbow is pricier than the most, you are getting a very accurate, fast, and reliable crossbow for hunting big game.

If you have the extra money to spend a lot on your crossbow, pick the best one for you.