Hunting deer is a sport; it is an American tradition that dates way back tens of thousands of years ago. Some say it started during the Ice Age when plant food became so scarce. In these days when there are huge choices indeed and plant crops are never wanting, what can be the motivation of deer hunters? Is it a justified sport?  Must their conquest be bestowed with rewards like a deer hunting license?



Understanding the Food Chain and the Wildlife

The ecosystem consists of biological units that interact with the physicochemical elements of the environment. There is interdependency among all these components so that a drastic removal or destruction of one can trigger an avalanche of processes leading to frequently unpredictable ecological backlashes – global warming, depletion of non-renewable resources, desertification, forest denudation, etc. Meanwhile, killing of wildlife can lead to the overpopulation or the extinction of certain species.

While some may argue that extinction is a natural process of evolution, one must also check the degree of extinction and speciation (formation of new species) in relation to the time required for evolution to take place. While these two are definitely evolutionary processes that shape an ecosystem, such entail long geological ages unlike the rate of extinction that is instigated by hunting and other ecologically unhealthy practices.

Massive killing of even an unimportant (for humans) species has its repercussions. Its extinction can make another population starve to extinction. That is the principle of food chain.

The Purpose of Hunting and Regulation


History of unregulated hunting speaks of the horrors that it brings the world. Now, humans have in their hands a big problem on the overpopulation of certain animals like deer. Thus, hunting is adopted as solutions to prevent their overcrowding and becoming a pest to communities and farms. Population control is an intervention that is being artificially promoted with hunting.

There are sectors of the population who are against hunting or killing animals in the spirit of fun and sport. There are also those who advocate it because there is the need to balance the equation – there is a need to keep the population of the deer under control. There is truth to what animal protection advocates say, but times have changed. Despite the legalization of hunting as sports, hunters need to live and hunt with deep regard to certain rules and regulations. This is the principle behind deer hunting license.

A hunting license is not just issued to allow hunting. It also prevents hunting of other animals during open season and prevents all hunting activities during closed seasons when animals are breeding. One thing is clear, hunting can’t be stopped. Rather than have all those hunters stalking, shooting and killing any animal without restraint, most nations believe that regulated hunting is the most ideal solution.

The Hunter’s Motivation

HuntersIt is not easy to stop the hunting of deer because it is something that gives the hunters the “high” – the sudden rush of adrenaline and endorphine. Succeeding is like overcoming a challenge in a typical sport. Just like a sport, there are skills involved that one needs to master. There are challenges that one must overcome with the right gear, skill and calculated moves. The reward is a catch that can be brought home to sustain the family with organic meat that is better and cheaper than what you get in the food shops.

To some people, it is not just about the catch and the thrill; it is a means to get away from the humdrum of the city life and office work. It is also like going back and scrambling with nature to get a decent meal just like our forefathers did. The deer hunting license is a reminder that times have changed.