Imagine how strange a large finder will look on a small row bait or kayak. A 10-inch finder is probably not the best idea of a great finder for such a boat. So just how do you find the best fish finder for your boat?

Shopping for a portable fish finder for a kayak takes time. There are certain things you must consider the most important being the screen sizes. Small boats are perfect with finders 4 inches large or smaller. Anything that goes form 5 inches and above will seem cramped not to mention that the only way to mount them would be by sing a ram mount.

best kayak fish finderFeatures to look out for

Your fish finder needs to have several components. The following three are the most crucial especially for a kayak.

  • Display, this means that it should have everything a full unit should have including buttons and screens
  • Transducer, this is an important constituent as it is responsible for sending signals in the water and receiving them back. The images are then displayed on the screen and interpreted into a language that can be understood.
  • Power source, this should be a suitable battery which for a standard boat should be a 12V marine battery. However, considering the size of the kayak, it is vital to adjust to a smaller but effective battery.


This is the most crucial thing to consider when choosing a kayak fish finder. You do not want to get the size wrong. Anything above 5-6 inches will become heavy and only get in your way instead of assisting and making fishing simpler. It is advisable to go for a size smaller than 6 inches.


All fish finder come with this component out of the box. This means that you have the choice of either mounting it inside the hull to shoot through the plastic with less problems or you can choose to run it through a scupper hole in a pipe. You can choose brands that come with suction cup mount that can be stuck on the side of the kayak.

Source of power

The installation of a fish finder in a kayak comes with the automatic power source installation too. Size is important in this case, kayak fishingas it has to match the size of the finder. In addition, it needs to be waterproof. You can then run the wires form the transducer and display. You may not be interested in going through all these hence a portable fish finder becomes your best alternative. Remember to carry cells from your local store.


Comparing the portable fish finders for your kayak is crucial for effective results. There are certain traits you may want in your choice. Some of the common features people go for include gps trackers, 3D sonars and portability. It is also key to look at the pricing.