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Outwitting the Buck during Whitetail Deer Hunting

The thrilling spirit of a wild adventure can be likened to an addictive intoxicating wine. Such is the excitement to be experienced during a whitetail deer hunting which is fast becoming as one of the world’s top hunting categories.

The object of the game is to outwit the whitetail deer on his territorial ground. Whitetail deer are so called due to the appearance of white underside on their tails that stands upright while they run. Because of its agility, many hunters embark on a hunting trip only to return with no prized trophy on their hands. But, the forest beckons and when deer hunting season is open again, the hunter is back with more determination to outmanoeuvre his prey.


One of the reasons why whitetail deer hunting is more popular than the other hunting genres is that hunters can equip themselves with different hunting equipment. Still, some hunting tips may be helpful in addition to the crossbows and firearms to merit some productive results.

Locating Where the Deer Are


It is a common mistake especially for beginners to stalk and rove through the forest and randomly pick a spot to wait. Hunters need to preserve that energy and instead search for tell-tale signs that whitetails are in the area. Some of the best indications are flattened grasses, splintered or damaged parts on trees, long scrapes and hoof marks on the ground. Usually these are enough indications to determine how big the deer is and in which direction he leads.

Set up a camouflaged station at a vantage point where there is a clear view of approaching targets. It is best to hole up in areas where whitetails may have plenty of what they need such as water and grass. Swampy areas are the most ideal places to look for them especially if there is a wooden area nearby.

Conceiling the Scent


Like all wild animals, whitetail deer have very sensitive sense of smell. They easily detect unfamiliar scents in their territory. Masking the scent prevents the deer from recognizing and discovering the hunter’s location. To conceal the scent, the hunter must cover all exposed skin as much as possible to avoid the deer from tracking down the odors released from the hunter’s body. It is a good idea to tuck the pants inside the shoes and outline the hunter’s clothes with charcoal to deaden the scent.

To avoid scaring them away, the hunter can try masking human scent by covering it with animal scents like doe urine which can be bought in a hunting shop.  The hunter must avoid spraying himself with scented products like insect repellent, sunscreen, deodorant and other strong-smelling products that may drive the deer away from the hunter’s spot.

Mimicking Deer Calls

When whitetails are hard to come by, use a deer call. Whistles and horns particularly designed to replicate the sound that deer make are available in game shops. A grunt tube sounds like signals that deer use to call each other; a rattling horn imitates the fighting noises of bucks on collision and there is the doe bleats that mimics the sound of female whitetails during mating season. Whitetail deer, in their curiosity may try to find the source of the sound thinking it belongs to one of their lot.

There is nothing compared to the stimulating delight that whitetail deer hunting brings. Hunters hooked on this hobby always look forward to the opening of the annual official deer hunting season to stalk in the deepest part of the woods to deliver a kill and obtained that much-desired trophy to be hung in that big empty space in the wall. Only by venturing out there in the wilderness can the excitement truly begins.

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What Deer Hunting License Intends to Accomplish

Hunting deer is a sport; it is an American tradition that dates way back tens of thousands of years ago. Some say it started during the Ice Age when plant food became so scarce. In these days when there are huge choices indeed and plant crops are never wanting, what can be the motivation of deer hunters? Is it a justified sport?  Must their conquest be bestowed with rewards like a deer hunting license?



Understanding the Food Chain and the Wildlife

The ecosystem consists of biological units that interact with the physicochemical elements of the environment. There is interdependency among all these components so that a drastic removal or destruction of one can trigger an avalanche of processes leading to frequently unpredictable ecological backlashes – global warming, depletion of non-renewable resources, desertification, forest denudation, etc. Meanwhile, killing of wildlife can lead to the overpopulation or the extinction of certain species.

While some may argue that extinction is a natural process of evolution, one must also check the degree of extinction and speciation (formation of new species) in relation to the time required for evolution to take place. While these two are definitely evolutionary processes that shape an ecosystem, such entail long geological ages unlike the rate of extinction that is instigated by hunting and other ecologically unhealthy practices.

Massive killing of even an unimportant (for humans) species has its repercussions. Its extinction can make another population starve to extinction. That is the principle of food chain.

The Purpose of Hunting and Regulation


History of unregulated hunting speaks of the horrors that it brings the world. Now, humans have in their hands a big problem on the overpopulation of certain animals like deer. Thus, hunting is adopted as solutions to prevent their overcrowding and becoming a pest to communities and farms. Population control is an intervention that is being artificially promoted with hunting.

There are sectors of the population who are against hunting or killing animals in the spirit of fun and sport. There are also those who advocate it because there is the need to balance the equation – there is a need to keep the population of the deer under control. There is truth to what animal protection advocates say, but times have changed. Despite the legalization of hunting as sports, hunters need to live and hunt with deep regard to certain rules and regulations. This is the principle behind deer hunting license.

A hunting license is not just issued to allow hunting. It also prevents hunting of other animals during open season and prevents all hunting activities during closed seasons when animals are breeding. One thing is clear, hunting can’t be stopped. Rather than have all those hunters stalking, shooting and killing any animal without restraint, most nations believe that regulated hunting is the most ideal solution.

The Hunter’s Motivation

HuntersIt is not easy to stop the hunting of deer because it is something that gives the hunters the “high” – the sudden rush of adrenaline and endorphine. Succeeding is like overcoming a challenge in a typical sport. Just like a sport, there are skills involved that one needs to master. There are challenges that one must overcome with the right gear, skill and calculated moves. The reward is a catch that can be brought home to sustain the family with organic meat that is better and cheaper than what you get in the food shops.

To some people, it is not just about the catch and the thrill; it is a means to get away from the humdrum of the city life and office work. It is also like going back and scrambling with nature to get a decent meal just like our forefathers did. The deer hunting license is a reminder that times have changed.

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Kayak Fishing With a Portable Fish Finder

Imagine how strange a large finder will look on a small row bait or kayak. A 10-inch finder is probably not the best idea of a great finder for such a boat. So just how do you find the best fish finder for your boat?

Shopping for a portable fish finder for a kayak takes time. There are certain things you must consider the most important being the screen sizes. Small boats are perfect with finders 4 inches large or smaller. Anything that goes form 5 inches and above will seem cramped not to mention that the only way to mount them would be by sing a ram mount.

best kayak fish finderFeatures to look out for

Your fish finder needs to have several components. The following three are the most crucial especially for a kayak.

  • Display, this means that it should have everything a full unit should have including buttons and screens
  • Transducer, this is an important constituent as it is responsible for sending signals in the water and receiving them back. The images are then displayed on the screen and interpreted into a language that can be understood.
  • Power source, this should be a suitable battery which for a standard boat should be a 12V marine battery. However, considering the size of the kayak, it is vital to adjust to a smaller but effective battery.


This is the most crucial thing to consider when choosing a kayak fish finder. You do not want to get the size wrong. Anything above 5-6 inches will become heavy and only get in your way instead of assisting and making fishing simpler. It is advisable to go for a size smaller than 6 inches.


All fish finder come with this component out of the box. This means that you have the choice of either mounting it inside the hull to shoot through the plastic with less problems or you can choose to run it through a scupper hole in a pipe. You can choose brands that come with suction cup mount that can be stuck on the side of the kayak.

Source of power

The installation of a fish finder in a kayak comes with the automatic power source installation too. Size is important in this case, kayak fishingas it has to match the size of the finder. In addition, it needs to be waterproof. You can then run the wires form the transducer and display. You may not be interested in going through all these hence a portable fish finder becomes your best alternative. Remember to carry cells from your local store.


Comparing the portable fish finders for your kayak is crucial for effective results. There are certain traits you may want in your choice. Some of the common features people go for include gps trackers, 3D sonars and portability. It is also key to look at the pricing.

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3 Fun Ways to Use Air Rifles

Air rifles are known to be used for hunting and serious competition during on-season, but there are also fun ways to use air rifles which is something that people do when they’re not really into serious game hunting or contests. Even if they are also weapons and for killing animals, people have found a way to have fun with them.

Here are the 3 fun ways to use air rifles

Shooting range

airarms_prosportAlmost anything can become a target for an air rifle. You can go to a shooting range and practice. It is actually good if you are part of an air rifle club because you can join other sin their hunting expedition or share your experiences with them. Shooting ranges also have air gun clubs and you can use the place for practicing with other people in the club.

Backyard shooting

If you have a backyard that has enough space for target shooting, you can try placing cans on a platform and shoot them one by one. Your kids can also join you in this activity provided that you are guiding them well. If you want to practice your targeting skills for a competition, you can put a golf tee in the ground and place a small round ball on top of it and try to hit the ball only without making the tee move. Even a small fruit found in your backyard can become a target. Find one that is hanging from a tree and try to shoot it. You can check some of the best air rifles and reviews at

Moving targets

CO2-air-rifleIf you are having a windy day, you can hang a small object on a branch that is moving and try to shoot it while it is in motion. You will be able to practice your skills in shooting moving targets and at the same time have fun. Go to a field and toss a large coin into the air and try to shoot it. This can be very hard, but if you master it, you’ll be able to shoot any moving target especially if it is larger than a coin. Birds can also be shot from the air when you see one pass by while you are out in the big field

Owning a good air rifle can be a lot of fun because you will have a new hobby and your hunting skills will improve. People are having a lot of fun with air rifles and even if you are new to owning one, it is very easy to have fun with it. Your own backyard can be a fun place to use air rifles, but you must do it with caution and it would be much better if you have a very large space for it. If you are going to need to shoot more than 30 yards away, look for an open field where you will no risk of hitting anyone unless you live in a very big mansion and you have all the space you need.

They’re not just for hunting, you can have fun with them too.

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AR – 15 Rifles and Rifle Scopes

Everyone needs safety and protection. Even when you are a common man and not an actor, singer, or politician, still protection is everyone’s right.

Rifles are famous for their strong and lightweight design. However, rifles are mostly used for target shooting and are recommendable for home defense. If you feel insecure then you probably need rifles. But choosing good rifles is a difficult task.

Not everyone is skilled in selecting rifles and thus face difficulties while buying one. If you also think that you are not a trained rifle selector and buyer, then this article would be quite helpful for you as I am going to discuss everything about rifles, rifle scopes and from where you can get good quality rifles.


ar-15AR – 15 is a popular descendent of AR rifle series. AR – 15 is notably famous for its lightweight cartridge and it was built in 1959 by ArmaLite for the armed United States forces. Later on, the design was sold to Colt Manufacturing Co.

It was previously developed in numerous versions like semi-automatic and select fire but only semi-automatic version begin to produce after the trademark has been sold to Colt for civilians as AR – 15. So the term “AR – 15” was only used for semi-automatic versions since then.

Most other manufacturers also make AR – 15 rifles but are usually termed as “AR – 15 types” or “AR – 15 styles” but the AR – 15 is a registered trademark of Colt and only rifles made by Colt are considered as legal AR – 15 rifles.

AR – 15 rifles is the most popular among all the rifles available for civilians and top sold in the United States today (the most selling rifle scopes are updated on

AR – 15 rifles is a semi-automatic rifle and can fire between 40 to 60 rounds per minute but AR does not stand for automatic or assault rifle.


  • AR – 15 is lightweight and extremely modular.
  • There are a lot of spare parts and replacement modules available for AR – 15.
  • Highly accurate and good ergonomics.
  • AR – 15 is highly sensitive to ammunition.
  • Its maintenance requirements are also high.


best-ar-15-scopesAR – 15 scopes are also in great demand because of the exceptional functionality and importance of AR – 15 assault weapon. AR – 15 rifles and AR – 15 rifle scopes were manufactured by Colt for civilians in 1963 and called it as “AR – 15 Sporter rifles”.

There are a lot of AR – 15 scopes distributers and sellers available online in the market providing different and uniquely designed AR – 15 scopes for AR – 15 rifles depending on the user demands and needs.


Among many of the AR – 15 scopes, I am going to list the top 5 best AR – scopes available in the market.

  • Nikon P-223 4-12×40 BDC 600
  • UTG 30mm SWAT
  • Nikon P-223 3-9×40 Mate BDC 600
  • Nikon P-223 3×32 Matte BDC Carbine
  • Bunshell AR optics

And many other are also available but I am not going in detail. That’s all I think you should need to know about AR – 15 rifles and rifle scopes. You can check more reviews of best AR-15 Scopes here.

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Crossbow Review: A Closer Look at the Best Crossbows

There are considered as the best crossbows in the market and when you are looking for something that will work best during serous hunting, you definitely need to get one of the best ones. Cross bow hunting requires skill and a lot of practice, but the experience will be a whole lot different if you have a good crossbow.

A Look At The Best Crossbows

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package    

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

This Barnett crossbow includes quick-detach quiver, premium red dot sights, and bolts. The cable and string system is synthetic with a sleek military style stock. The trigger pull is 3.5 lbs. and the draw weight is 150 lbs. With an fps of 315, it is hard to miss a target.

The price of this is $399.99 and has a weight of 7 lbs. making it convenient to carry for any hunter. The power stroke is 12 inches and the arrow’s length is 20. The length of this crossbow is 35.5 inches and the width is 26.5 inches.

This product is very good for deer hunting and it is very accurate. The customers love using this crossbow because it is light weight, accurate, and it’s not extremely pricey. This crossbow is regarded by many as the best crossbow available today according to crossbow reviews online.


Excalibur Axiom SMF Crossbow Kit

Excalibur Axiom SMF Crossbow KitThis crossbow has a 305 fps speed and the weight is only 5.2 lbs. it is very accurate and it is very reliable. Ideal for killing large game because it is high powered. The draw weight for this one is 175 lbs. and has a power stroke of 14.5 inches which is very comfortable for cocking and your shoulders will not hurt because of its light weight. When you buy this product, it already comes with matching multiplex crossbow scope and hardware for mounting. It also has a rope cocking aid and 4 arrows including field points.

The price for this one is $549.99. The length is 37.5 inches and the arrow length is 20 inches.

This product is also perfect for hunting hogs and other big game. Customers find it easier to carry around because it is light weight. However, the fps is slightly lower than the first one. You can read more reviews at

TenPoint C13004-7411 Vapor Crossbow

TenPoint C13004-7411 Vapor CrossbowThe focus of this crossbow is on maneuverability, less weight, and speed. The draw weight is 165 lbs. It is a RangeMaster Pro Scope mounted crossbow with ACUdraw cocking mechanism. The fps is 315 which is very fast and you will not lose your target. The energy is 95 foot pounds and a power stroke of 12 inches. The arrow length is 20 inches and has a 3.5 lbs. trigger pull. It has a synthetic cable system and quad limbs.

The price for this one is $1,410.00. The length is 36.4 inches, the width is 12.2 inches, and the height is 14 inches. The weight is 20.4 pounds.

Even if the price for this crossbow is pricier than the most, you are getting a very accurate, fast, and reliable crossbow for hunting big game.

If you have the extra money to spend a lot on your crossbow, pick the best one for you.


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Timber Wolf Blazin Bowie Knife Quick Review

Timber-Wolf-Blazin-Bowie-KnifeAre looking to get a knife which is very durable and easy to use? Then here is Timber Wolf Blazin Bowie Knife which will fulfill your need for all your hunting. There are lots of knives which cost a lot, but not very useful but Timber Wolf Blazin Bowie Knife is a knife which is being built for heavy duty use with an attractive look and feature and if you are looking for survival knives rather than something like this you can check out this hunting blog for more reviews on survival knives and other useful hunting equipment.

Why it is special? Check out the Features

It has a stainless steel blade which is very sharp as well as suitable for the use of tactical operations and various everyday tasks. The design of the curve is the most striking which you will ever see in any knife and the handle is hardwood with some shining grass pins and a stainless guard.

Lets check the positive sides

Timber Wolf Blazin Bowie Knife has an amazing look with the leather sheath, which is best in the class. The quality of work being done to make this knife is superb. It’s easy to hold this knife because the handle is slimmer than the other knife.

Why not the negative ones

I was surprised with the quality of blades it has but sometimes it’s difficult to use this knife because the handle is a bit different rather than other knives. You have to use to it if you want to use it without facing any problem.

Timber Wolf Blazin Bowie Knife has a great design and easy to use. The stainless blade is the main feature of this knife and it has a solid well rounded knife. I would suggest you to buy that knife, it’s better than the other knives which creates hassle every day.

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Trail Camera Buyer Guide

Today the trail camera has become popular because of many reasons; it is used for little human interference in wildlife photography. The images captured by researchers can easily be reviewed by others researchers’ .It can be used for quantifying different species in the area. It is used for identifying new species and sometimes rare species. It is used for photographic evidence of endangered animals and species. It is used for finding animals on which researchers are researching. Trail camera can be used for property surveillance and can be placed in garden, garage and in the building for security purpose. It can be used in factories and production unit for minimizing theft issues. It can be used for wildlife crime too.

The most common and featured use of trail cameras is however done in the field of hunting. Hunters usually place trail cameras in the areas they want to hunt during and before game season so that they can monitor the activities and habits of the animals and other subjects in the area.

Trail Camera Buyer Guide

Features of Trail camera:

Trail camera is an amazing modern technology of today’s scientific world. Trail cameras usually have a structure that consists of a waterproof box with a lens along with latest technical bits inside. Cameras are mostly operated by humans. However, a trail camera is self powered/self operated camera. Trail camera is a waterproof camera. Also because these are self operated they have waterproof structures and can be used for underwater photography too. Also trail cameras are designed to be used in the outdoors and therefore they have tough structures which make them durable as well. Trail cameras can easily work in daylight and during night time as well. Pictures and videos can be saved easily into internal and/or external memory depending on the model of the camera and whether or not it supports external SD card memory.

With the trail cams a person can record every single activity, minute by minute and second by second frequently. This can be done repeatedly according to a predefined schedule. They are fast gaining recognition and importance in the world of today. People are becoming more inclined to use trail cameras for hunting and other activities these days.

There are however over 100 different types and models to choose from with different aspects being important depending on how you plan to use your camera, it is therefore important to conduct research into the different models available and their features before making a purchase decision. There are many different sites online that offer trail camera reviews with in depth analysis into the different features of those trail cameras. But  finding the best trail camera (here is an example of good resource for your needs also depends on more than just trail camera reviews, you also need to know how you plan to use it.

Potential Uses

  • Taking pictures obliviously with negligible light
  • Surveillance around evening time

Auto and truck permit plates around evening time. Due to front light glare, it is hard to take pictures of permit plates around evening time. By utilizing an IR visible with an IR 715nm channel or IR-Only cam, you can light up the permit plate from an impressive separation.

  • Night time creature studies

Trail cams are becoming an essential of today. It is an integral part of the surveillance now. These are the cutting edge gadgets with state of the art technology. To meet the needs and demands of the today surveillance trail cams are now designed more creatively and innovatively. It is normally self operating, durable, innovative and creative. The innovation such as the IR, Wifi and Cellular Motion has increased its utility in multiple of ways. It increased its potential to work efficiently even in the dark, with minimum light particularly at night. Not only that, surveillance Trail cams is used in wild life study and exploration. These are the cutting edge gadgets with state of the art technology. Here is a site that makes good comparisons and trail camera reviews of the most advanced products:

How trail cameras function?

The primary rule of a trail cam or cam trap is that it can be put in a remote area and set to record when there is movement. You can then return and survey what has been recorded at a later date. What you need to do is open the trail cam, set the controls with the catches inside, close the case and strap it to a tree. Most trail cams are truly simple to set up. The principle controls are:

  • Type of recording – Movies or stills

Most trail cams have the alternative to record astounding feature or stills. These all ordinarily have sub settings for size and quality which can be designed to get best comes about. Motion pictures regularly utilize a great deal more memory than stills and use up a lot of battery life as well.

  • Length, size or nature of recording

Depending on the off chance that you decide to record a film or stills, you will have further choices: Movies – Size, quality and length of time. Stills – Size and quality

  • Sensitivity

Incorporated with most cams is movement location sensor. The affectability can be balanced relying upon what you are attempting to film and the area. You can set the affectability to overlook easy development and just record when an expansive item passes by.

Types of trail camera:

There are many different types of trail camera in the market and many different brands to choose from with the most popular ones being Bushnell (see here) and Moultrie as they stand for high quality trail cameras that have great features. According to different size, shape, and colors. But there are mainly two types of trail camera. One is the Incandescent flash camera another type is an infrared flash camera.

The incandescent flash camera can take photos day and night, but it can also become a frustrating tool because of its flash property that draws attention to the photo equipment. So there is always a high chance that animal may walk off from the camera. It uses more energy. It spooks animals away from the camera. Its trigger speed is slower than other type of trail camera.

The infrared flash camera is the most popular type of trail camera but other types like wireless trail cameras (see here) are also very popular. It works on the principle that if there is heat and the sensor of the camera detects it. Heat and motion triggers the camera and the camera captures the image. The pictures of infrared flash camera are black and white at night. It is more expensive than incandescent camera. It has long battery life .It has faster recovery and trigger speed.

Trail cameras have now become an essential aspect of hunting and also wildlife studies and researches. Although you will find hundreds and thousands of reviews available about game cameras or trail cameras online, you cannot buy one that suits your requirements until and unless you are pretty informed about the particular features of a trail camera and which type of a trail camera would suit your requirements best.  You should read reviews and try and increase your know how of game cameras prior to purchasing one so that you know which one will fit your requirements best.

If you are a hunting enthusiast or you like wildlife photography, game cams or trail cams can be a very effective tool for you to gather significant information about your subject. During or before the hunting season, trail cameras can be set up outdoors to collect valuable information about the prey’s habits and everything else.

There are infrared and incandescent flash cameras available that allow users great variations in resolution, quality, definition and color when taking pictures during the day or during the night time as well.  Also features such as battery life, external LCD monitors and others can be very valuable features depending on the needs of the camera user.

Earlier game cameras had only heat sensing technology to detect game and were very basic devices which gave no information about the type of animal, its size, and other distinct features and thus cameras were added. Models that came out in the 80s and 90s were very limited. They just had a 35mm film and only motion sensing technology which would get triggered even on the little movement of leaves as well and would capture that on film. Later onwards digital cameras were introduced and combined with heat sensing technology, the new innovations made the game cameras even more effective.

Infrared or incandescent flash?

This happens to be one of the most important decisions when one wants to purchase a game camera.  Incandescent or flash cameras both have pros and cons of their own. Which one proves to be optimal for the user depends entirely on their personal preferences and beliefs as to which one will be more effective, which will be a trade off and which is going to be worth the money spent on it.


Infrared light is on the non-visible spectrum and therefore it cannot be seen. If someone is staring right at the camera while the infrared flash goes off, only them he/she/it will be able to see a tiny red dot when the flash goes off but it is minimal and doesn’t really reflect anything.

Infrared Flash Visibility

The best thing about using an infrared camera in comparison to the traditional incandescent flash camera is that there is absolutely no chance of spooking the animals the camera is being used to observe. When the game cannot see the flash, obviously the chance of it being spooked or wavering from its natural habits decreases to a minimal.

Power consumption by infrared cameras

Infrared flashes don’t need to charge before the flash goes off. Also each flash does not require a huge power consumption. In comparison to an incandescent flash the energy consumption is about 20-40 times less of an infrared flash. If you think battery life of your camera is more important to you, then sacrificing on color and resolution may be well worth the whole deal. Because infrared cameras don’t need to be charged as often, it also increases their trigger time and the time is also virtually unchanged from night time to day with infrared cameras. Whereas incandescent cameras are a full second slower at night during the day time.

Resolution, picture quality and definition

It is common knowledge that light is a big necessity for all cameras. Replace the bright flash light of the camera with that of an infrared light, and there is certainly going to be a big loss in the resolution and quality of the images. Also the color goes monochrome, as black and white. Infrared cameras take grainy pictures, they might be blurry at times and have lower quality and resolution as compared to the incandescent flash cameras. Therefore it entirely depends upon the choice of the user whether or not he or she is going to sacrifice on battery life, picture quality and resolution for colored images or he wants to have a infrared camera that will compromise on image quality but deliver performance for long and in an effective manner.

Incandescent flash

Flashes available on most of the modern cameras are incandescent.  The flash is very bright and will light up areas which are pitch black too. This can however be very beneficial but problematic at the same time as well. More light will definitely mean a good quality photo in a higher resolution but at the same time it means more power consumption and very potentially it can also spook the game.

Incandescent flash visibility

This flash is very visible. Everybody, people and animal can see it from a distance. People might not be but animals will be definitely spooked and run away somewhere. If a hunter wants to study the habits of a particular animal during day and night time, better picture quality might not be worth the deal.

Power consumption

As compared to infrared cameras, incandescent ones consume a lot of power. If battery life is an issue for the user, he should definitely opt for an infrared camera only.

Resolution and image quality

The image quality and resolution of incandescent trail cameras are their unique selling point. Infrared cameras stand nowhere near to the incandescent cameras when it comes to image quality and resolution. The picture will be crisp, sharper in comparison to an infrared camera image and will also be available in its actual colors.

Other features

Once it has been decided by the user about the type of flash they want,  it is the time to decide and look at the differences between various types of cameras available in the market. You should keep in mind that a high priced model will definitely have additional features and a greater usage as compared  to their low price counterparts. However it should not be forgotten that some additional features that come with additional cost might not be useful to a particular user at all. Therefore a wise decision needs to be made.


Resolution of all cameras is measured in megapixels. You can easily find digital cameras in the range of 12-18 megapixels but when it comes to game cameras the most available choice is within the range of 3-7 megapixels only. The higher the number of the megapixels, the more clearer and crisper the image will be.

Capture modes ( multiple, burst shots, videos)

There are game cameras available now that offer users the option of shooting videos as well. Hunters don’t really need the option of video shooting but this can prove to be very useful  if the camera is being used for surveillance or security purposes at home or offices. Other options in the capture modes available in the cameras include burst shots (pictures are taken over a specific time period) and these capture activities and actions that just one photo might actually miss. Although burst shots are great if you want to capture images of the subject in various time slots and in various actions, this might be heavy on the memory card and fill it up much faster.

Also video shooting options also have a downside as they consume up a lot of battery life and take up memory space as well. If you need to take videos, ensure that you have a memory card with a big memory space. Also you will need to check your camera more frequently to get video chunks from it.  High activity levels will burn battery and take up good memory space real quick, so ensure that your camera has enough of battery and space to operate normally.


Game cameras need to be protected as they are more often used outdoors than indoors. The best way to secure a game camera and protect it against all kinds of damages is its security box. The security boxes are made in such a way that they can hold the camera within and have built-in holes for running cables through and also a padlock system. A lot of other security features for game cameras include password protection, padlock tabs so that the case cannot be opened by all. However a thief with proper equipment will be able to dismantle the padlock easily and the password protection doesn’t really matter unless the unit hasn’t been stolen.

There are also anti theft cables which allow users to hook up their trail cameras some good distance above the ground which is great for capturing shots and videos and will also keep the camera away from the eyes of thieves and snatchers.

Viewing options

There are a number of trail cam models available in the market which have built in LCD screens which will not only tell users about the number of pictures taken but will also allow them to view those pictures from the memory card there and then.  Although the images on the small LCD screen of the cameras won’t be as visible and as clear as they might be on monitors or bigger screens, they will at least give you an idea about what is going on, and what the camera has captured. You can easily check if the camera has captured something worthwhile by viewing the images on the LCD screen then and there. This will also enable you to decide whether the current position of the camera is fine or not.

Note: you should however consider the fact that having a LCD screen on the camera is going to be drain on the battery. Also if you spend time in the woods fooling around with the camera, you are more likely to spread your scent and distract the animals in the woods.

Battery life

A number of hunters live at a great distance from their hunting locations. Also a lot of hunters don’t really have the time or feasible set up to visit their hunting locations every other day to ensure their camera unit still has power or not. Cheaper cameras can burn about a half dozen of batteries in a weeks time. There are units that last about months on the same batteries so an insight on the camera’s battery life is a must before the purchase.

Camera consumption affects the battery life but there are people who ignore this aspect all together and grab the first camera whose features appeal to them.  So before you buy a trail camera, check for its battery life and the type of batteries it can consume. Those which take rechargeable batteries can give you long working hours. If you properly maintain rechargeable batteries you can have your camera working for hours. There are various types of batteries available in the market, alkaline and lithium being the most common ones.

There are a number of trail cameras that come along external power supply options.  There are models which have 6V or about 12V of external battery supply. These cameras are excellent solutions for hunters who live far away from the observation area or the place where the camera has been set up.

There are a lot of different models of trail cameras in the market which come along solar power panels. Most of them take about 5-6 C’s batteries and they really don’t cost up that much. Users can leave their solar powered cameras in the game area for about weeks and months and get some of the best game pictures and finest observations.

External batteries or a solar panel for power is a great option for trail cameras that are monster battery consumers.  Also high end trail cameras have low battery indicators that proves to be very helpful in such conditions.

Detection Circuit

This is one of the most important aspects of the trail camera. The entire detection circuit is made up of three different parts in the camera. These include the range or detection zone as it is commonly known, the trigger speed and recovery time of the camera.

The detection zone is made combined with the detection distance and width of the camera.  The distance at which the camera can detect game and trigger to take the picture is the detection distance. The greater the distance of detection, the more area the camera will cover and it will be able to take pictures of animals standing further away from the cameras as well.

A lot of cameras have a very narrow range of detection. This means that the animal or the subject needs to cross the center of the lens so that it can be detected and the camera triggers to take the picture. The camera’s sensing mechanism is known as passive infrared aka PIR. Other models available in the market have greater detection zones and thus they are triggered by action in a huge area. The wider the width of detection in a camera, the better it will be, as per the user’s needs.

Trigger speed

Trigger speed or trigger time is another very important aspect of a good trail camera. The trigger speed is the amount of time that passes when the animal/subject is detected by the camera sensor and the time when it takes the picture. A fast trigger speed can bring a whole lot of different to the entire photo taken. It can mean the difference between catching the subject in action and missing it within a fraction of a second.

Memory types

There are a lot of cameras that come along with internal memory. This is a great feature because for such cameras, one does not have to buy external SD memory cards and the images can be taken directly from the unit. This can however be troublesome as the hunter might have to dislodge the camera, connect it to a pc or laptop and then take out the pictures. If a camera has an external memory card, the card can be taken out easily and swapped with a blank one while the user takes out the pictures from the card. Also using an external memory card, the memory of the device can also be expanded. If you want to expand and upgrade the memory of your trail camera, you can spend some extra money and buy one which supports external SD memory cards.

Wireless/ cellular trail cameras

There are a number of trail cameras in the market that use the GSM technology to send pictures via text or email over a network. These trail cameras work with a text-only SIM and have MMS mode enabled into them through a network carrier and once the pictures are taken, they are transferred over the network to a mobile number or an email id. Cellular trail cameras have built in antennas into them which actually enable the camera to trace signals and also strengthen them in case the signal happens to drop or get weaker somewhere. If you think your hunting area is under your network coverage, you can get yourself a cellular trail camera.

Anywhere where there is decent cellular network coverage, you can use the cell trail cams. You can also be alerted via text or email when there is activity near the camera. These sort of cameras make great security and surveillance cameras as well because they can provide instant notification. These are great for cabins, boat docks and also storage sheds.

Wireless/ Wi-Fi trail cameras

The world has changed and today you can find trail cameras with built in wireless, Wi-Fi technology as well. There are models which can detect Wi-Fi from up to 300 feet and can be accessed remotely or transfer data using the Wi-Fi technology as well. Also they don’t require any carrier charges or monthly subscription. The only drawback of a Wi-Fi enabled trail camera is that it can have a very terrible battery life and a bad range.

Where to buy a good game camera?

Retailers who deal in hunting gear and other sporting goods are where you can find a good game camera. Also there are a number of hunting expos where game cameras can be found if you are willing to purchase them physically. The best option one would have when it comes to buying trail cameras will be definitely online as no physical store can provide people with such wide variety of choices under one roof and no greater platform to compare pricing options.

Budget and price

This is the most determining factor when it comes to purchasing a trail camera. You will obviously know that a high end trail camera will definitely be hell expensive but its features and usability will be worthwhile. Whereas if you invest in a low cost camera, there are chances that you don’t get what you’ve been actually looking for.  The best way one can determine what game camera they want is to research the market for the requirements and features they want in a camera, look up different brands, compare prices and then finalize their choices after much thinking and deliberation.

Game cameras are very complex and every camera has its own individual features and specifications. This guide will help you walk through the buying process of a game camera very easily. Read this up, take into account the features you want according to your concerns and specialized needs and then compare prices of the cameras you have available in the market.

With this guide it is hoped that you will have better knowledge and will be able to decide which trail camera you want in a more informative manner. You won’t be fooled or become overwhelmed by the number of choices available to you in the market and also have knowledge about what you need.

In easier terms, you will be able to understand each and every technical specification of a particular trail camera easily, you will identify potential investments and those which will only make you cry for the money you invested in them. It is very essential that you go through this guide before you can purchase a trail cam for hunting, wildlife study, photography or even security surveillance at your homes or offices.

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Tips for Hunters to Shoot and Save Rifles Properly

Tips for Hunters to Shoot and Save Rifles Properly

Hunting can be fun yet challenging as well. If you want to get the best hunting experience then here are some tips to get you going and save Air Riffles.

Learn how to use Air Riffles

Hunting is a skill that requires practice and perfection. If you are new in the hunting game, you can waste a lot of pellets by always missing your targets. But this should not discourage since even the best hunters started where you are. With patient and hard work you will become a pro hunter before you know it. There must be a lot of unwanted pests on your farm that you can start to gain accuracy and perfection. Pellets are not too expensive either so you can spare some for practice.

Be accurate

Small game animals such as rabbits and squirrels move so first. If your target is not accurate, you can easily miss a shot. Once you miss human-friendly you can never recover since you would have alerted the animal already and by the time you reload you won’t see it standing in the same place. So if you want to save your pellets then its time you start practicing high accuracy levels.

Fire quick shots

Animals like rabbit are very alert and can run very quickly. Missing a shot is very easy if your dealing with them. The quicker you get with your guns the higher the chances of hitting your target. If you have slow hands then hunting may not be your thing.

Don’t disturb before shooting

When you have spotted your target game make sure you move very slowly so that you don’t disturb them. Cover all your body parts including hands, legs and your head so that the animal does not spot you before you are ready to shoot.

Target the head

When a shot is fired on the head, it has high chances of hitting the brain area hence easy killing. However, if you hit the leg or any other body part then the animals will still be able to run away and die in a different place. You cannot trace most of them in their hiding places. So you would have wasted a good shot.

Tips for Hunters to Shoot and Save Rifles Properly

Practice proper storage

Guns are not just things you can mishandle, proper storage is essential for all your guns. There are a variety of large gun safes sold in the market that you can use for storage purposes, consider spending some money on them so that you can keep your guns safe and secure.

Practice safety

As far as hunting can be fun, it is very dangerous as well. Not all game animals are human-friendly hence they can easily hurt you. Avoid too close ranges with dangerous animals so that you avoid getting attacked. Also, watch out for things beyond your target. You don’t want to hit a neighbors pet by accident so beware of any property, people or other animals around if you don’t want to risk a court case.

Be humane

Ensure you kill your game animals in the most ethical and humane. No animal deserves to suffer before dying. If you hit to ensure it’s a clean hit that will kill instantly. If you miss then make it a clean miss, not the kind that hits the leg or scratches any body part allowing the animal run away in so much pain.

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